Most of my Android development is done for my day job which makes up the majority of my Github repositories.

I do list some applications in the Google Play Store but these are almost exclusively for testing or demonstration only. 

Some of my more popular projects are:

Cordova Intents

Android plugin for Cordova which processes intents:


npm i com-darryncampbell-cordova-plugin-intent

npm version npm downloads npm downloads npm licence

Location API Exerciser

A small application to exercise the different Android location APIs available to an Android device through LocationManager, Location Services, Awareness, Geofencing & some other demos

React native DataWedge plugin

An Android plugin for React Native which interfaces with Zebra’s Intent API

Enterprise Barcode APIs through Cordova

An Android Cordova plugin to interface with Zebra’s native Java SDK for mobile computers

Privacy policy

Application privacy policy: