AppForums 2019: NALA (Las Vegas)

27th August 2019 0 By darryncampbell

Dates: 1st – 2nd October [Registration Link]

I am presenting multiple topics at the NALA appForum for 2019:

Latest Android Oreo & Pie features for your Enterprise App

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.  Join us in an overview of the new features of Android Pie you need to be aware of in your enterprise deployment as well as reviewing some of the best practices for Oreo.


The Power of DataWedge Intent APIs

The capabilities of the DataWedge Intent API are now on par with our native SDK and this session will go over which APIs are available, what they do and how you can take advantage of them in your application to fully control the scanner without using the native SDK.


Advanced Features of DataWedge for Data Capture

DataWedge is a very powerful tool for capturing data but that is not entirely obvious by just scratching the surface. This talk will take a deep dive into the advanced features of DataWedge to help you get the most out of the tool


Developing Kotlin applications for Zebra Android devices

It is not news for Android developers that following Google’s announcement of Kotlin support during Google I/O 2017, Google have embraced Kotlin as the preferred development language for Android. In this talk we will discuss why you might chose to develop enterprise application in Kotlin, what advantages the language offers and walk through some real examples to get your Zebra device scanning barcodes from a Kotlin application.


Using JavaScript Frameworks on Zebra Devices

If you are a JavaScript developer then you undoubtedly have your favourite JavaScript mobile development framework, this talk will cover development for Zebra mobile devices with a variety of frameworks and techniques.