Darryn Campbell

Software Architect - Speaker - Developer Relations


Darryn is a software development architect and full-stack developer based out of the UK working for the Mobile Computing Business at Zebra Technologies. Zebra builds rugged enterprise mobile computers for use in retail, transportation, warehouse and healthcare.

Darryn has nearly 15 years of development experience on mobile platforms ranging from PocketPC to the latest Android devices. He is the architect for Zebra's developer tools and is an active member of Zebra's developer relations team.

In his spare time he manages various websites, maintains some personal software projects, is a keen reader and former athlete.

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Cordova Intent Plugin



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I have spoken at Android Droidcon in London, Berlin & Israel as well as Google Developer Groups in London and Poland.

For Zebra Technologies, I have presented a number of external webinars (DevTalks) as well as partner developer conferences

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Please do not email directly with development questions for Zebra devices

The Zebra developer portal is available to publicly post questions related to Zebra.

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